Making your Italian CV fit for an international job

Traditional Italian CVs and resumes written to international standards are miles apart. Italian CVs are often many pages long, laundry lists of every job and every duty ever had, and include details of birth date, citizenship, marital status, and even photos (all taboo and/or against non-discriminatory policies in many other countries).

An effective Englishlanguage resume for international employers is a marketing document and should:

  • Be 1–2 pages long
  • Emphasize relevant skills and experience
  • Be easy to read
  • Be snappy and engaging
  • Use keywords in line with the job position
  • Be tailored to each position

I have trained in resume writing in the U.S. I can transform your Italian or European CV — which may work in Italy but definitely won’t work abroad — and make it effective for applying for jobs on the international marketplace and with multi-nationals. Send me your current CV in Italian or English and a job listing you want to apply for, and I’ll give you a quote.