Design and architecture

Italy has been a design and architecture capital since the ’60s and remains an international standard-setter in the field. Firms, designers, and manufacturers all need to communicate effectively in an international world where the common language is English. I have translated for numerous leading design and architecture magazines (such as Ottagono, Materia, Area) and design blogs, world-renowned architecture firms, such as Archea Associati, and individual designers and manufacturers — everyone in the industry who needs clean, convincing English for materials, such as:

Project reports

Competition materials
Customer communications

Academic English – Social Sciences

English being the undisputed lingua franca of academia adds an extra hurdle for non-native English scholars. Writing in natural, concise English can be crucial to being published, winning scholarships, or getting admitted.

I’m here to help.

I have worked side-by-side with scholars, particularly in social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, and history, to help them correct and polish their English, or translate from Italian to English.

The usual style of Italian academic writing is dramatically different than what is admired academic writing in English. See some of these major differences here.

And here’s a great guide for writing scientific articles in English.

I have translated and revised:
Academic books


With its food, art, history, nature, and weather, Italy has more than its fair share of tourist draws. Unfortunately, the quality of English translations in the field hasn’t always been up to snuff. Embarrassingly translated permanent plaques abound up and down the boot. Not to mention menus, hotel websites, tourist guides, and museum captions. Yet, the tide is turning. Tourist businesses are cottoning on that poor or mediocre translations make them seem unappealing, at best, or silly and unprofessional, at worst. Many of my clients come to me to redo shoddy translations. A savvier, more international generation is coming up, can smell stinky English, and knows it matters.

Communicating effectively to international guests and clients is key for businesses in the tourism sector. My internationally-attuned clients include hotels, tour operators, guide publishers, and cooking schools who know good English matters for materials like:

Social media posts
Tour operator websites
Audio guides
Guest communications

Certificates, transcripts, and other official documents

I am one of few translators certified by the American Translators Association in Italian to English. Many universities and governmental agencies require an ATA-translator certified in the requested language pair.

Examples of official documents requiring certified translation:
Academic transcripts
Degrees and diplomas
Report cards
Birth, death, and marriage certificates
Driver’s licenses

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