LinkedIn services

Linked in an online calling card and summary of who you are and what you do, it’s easier to create than a website and easier to share than a resume.  And it’s a powerful tool for tending and growing your professional network. I give some tips here, especially for my fellow language professionals, about optimizing LinkedIn profiles.

Getting the profile just right, finding the right approach to impress potential clients and be easily found, is no easy task.

I’m here to help.

I offer three levels of LinkedIn optimization services.

Revision of English profile or translation from Italian

I will revise the English of your LinkedIn summary, headline, and experience section or translate it from Italian to English. For language professionals especially, it is crucial to have a bi- or multi-lingual version of your profile. 

One-on-one review and feedback session

If you’ve taken my webinar on LinkedIn optimization for language professionals (write me if you want to be kept up-to-date about the next webinar) or have tried applying my tips yourself, you can have a one-on-one review session with me via Zoom.

Full LinkedIn makeover

I’ll guide you through optimizing your LinkedIn profile, including revising your Summary, Headline, Experience, and Accomplishments sections. I’ll also advise you on how to best expand your LinkedIn network and use the platform to reach your goals. 

Contact me to see which service is right for you!