Academic English – Social Sciences

Versione italiana

English being the undisputed lingua franca of academia adds an extra hurdle for non-native English scholars. Writing in natural, concise English can be crucial to being published, winning scholarships, or getting admitted.

I’m here to help.

I have worked side-by-side with scholars, particularly in social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, and history, to help them correct and polish their English, or translate from Italian to English.

The usual style of Italian academic writing is dramatically different than what is admired academic writing in English. See some of these major differences here.

And here’s a great guide for writing scientific articles in English.

I have translated and revised:

  • Proposals
  • Articles submitted to academic journals
  • Dissertations
  • Academic books
  • Applications, helping to impress and win over review boards, professors, and universities worldwide.
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