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Do you need to have your Italian high school report cards, university transcripts, or academic degrees translated into English by a native certified translator?

If you have an Italian university degree or high school diploma and would like to study at a foreign university — in the United States, the UK, and many other non-English-speaking countries — you generally must submit a certified translation of your report card, degree, diploma, and other academic documents as requested by the university. A certified English translation means a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

I am a native American English speaker and certified to translate Italian to English by the American Translators Association. I have translated hundreds of academic documents into English, affixing my statement, signature, and seal with my ATA certification number. Every document I have translated over the last 20 years has been accepted by the university or accrediting institution.


ATA certification

What is a certified translation?

The differences between a sworn, official, legal, or certified translation can be very confusing because requirements and definitions vary from country to country. For example, In Italy, sworn translations require a court-certified translator to go in person to the courthouse and swear to the accuracy of the translation. Fortunately for Italian students wishing to study in the U.S., the UK, and many other countries, the process for certifying the translation of their academic records (including report cards, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, and course descriptions) is much simpler and can be done exclusively through email. The translator attaches to the translation a signed “statement of accuracy” including the translator’s contact details. In most cases, the translator is not required to be certified, but some institutions in the United States do request ATA certificationHere’s more info from the American Translator Association’s website.

As each university or accrediting institution may have different requirements, you should always refer to their instructions.


How much does a certified translation of academic records cost?

Send me the scans of the documents you need to have translated, including all details about timing and purpose of the translation. I will quickly send you a quote for cost and time. My rates start at €70 for small jobs.


How long does it take to get a certified translation of school records and degrees?

This also, naturally, depends on the quantity of the documents. My average turnaround time for certified translations of five years of high school report cards and diploma is 3 days. Single-page degrees and diplomas, I can usually do within 24 hours. 

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