Books, magazines, blogs

Translation types


I translate several books a year, ranging from autobiographical e-books (Alone Across the Pacific Ocean) to coffee-table photography books (In Italia).


Particularly in the field of design, many Italian periodicals are bi-lingual with parallel texts in English and Italian. Early in my career, I saw one such magazine laying around my designer friend’s house. I noted the awkward, mistake-ridden English translation and contacted the publisher to offer my professional translation services. I’ve worked regularly for many magazines in the field ever since.


Blogs have become a key communication tool for many businesses and individual bloggers, and they are always on the hunt for an expanded audience and more hits. Quality, readable English translation is indispensable. I excel at the breezy style of writing often found in blogs. Elena Farinelli, owner of the fabulous blog Ioamofirenze, noted, “I’ve been working with the web since 2000, and, believe me, I’ve never found a translator as right for my blog as you!!!!”

Web sites

Every business knows that its web site is its most public face and primary communication tool. A quality English version is key to access the non-Italian market. At the start of my career, back at the turn of the millennium, I contacted hotels whose web sites had terrible translations and offered to fix them. At the time, very nearly every hotel web site was poorly or atrociously translated. In the fourteen years since, things have improved marginally, but many Italian sites’ English versions remain the place to go for a good giggle. Gradually businesses are realizing however that a little extra spent on a translation has an excellent return on investment (first and foremost, helping them seem smart and appealing instead of silly).

Academic writings

English is, of course, the lingua franca of academia (sorry, French). For many Italian scholars it is daunting to have to publish in their second language. This is where I come in. I’ve translated and revised many dissertations, proposals, and academic articles, helping my clients say what they mean and make a good impression.


Particularly in business conducted by email, it can be mission-critical to get the language right. I can usually offer same-day turnaround for short emails, making sure communication is smooth and accurate. Email translation involves a good dose of cultural mediation too, as tone can be everything in sensitive negotiations.


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