Interview with StoryTime

  Interview with StoryTime Last month, I overcame my shyness at talking on camera and gave an interview for StoryTime about my translation business and about Speakeasy Multilingual.      

The Perks and Pitfalls of LinkedIn Profiles for Translators

I’ve been perusing LinkedIn a lot lately, connecting with colleagues and finding new clients around the world. In the U.S., I trained in writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It is striking how many translators could do so much more with the free chance to succinctly and convincingly tell their stories and expand their clientele and […]

Say it like you mean it

“Sometimes I lie.” — Arabic interpreter for Trump “I’m Trump for the moment while I’m interpreting his words.” — American Sign Language interpreter for Trump I don’t interpret professionally, and when I do informally for visiting friends and family, I often flub it. I speak the wrong language to the wrong person. I can’t stand […]

I do not think it means what you think it means

Translating into English has a lot of advantages due to English’s status as an international lingua franca. Resources are abundant. You can find texts written originally in English on nearly any subject, which I assume is less true for those translating into, say, Icelandic. For academic texts, the author likely did much reading in English […]

How to choose a freelance translator

Choosing a translator wisely to avoid embarrassment Translation clients are often buying blind. They seldom know what they are paying for, especially when buying a translation into a language other than their own. Translations are definitely not all born equal, evident to anyone who has experienced the pain, amusement or confusion of reading a bad […]

Italian Language Division newsletter

I am pleased to have been on the editorial board and wrote an article for the relaunched newsletter for the Italian Language Division of the American Translators Association. Read the whole newsletter here: Tradurre, Italian Language Division newsletter. Here’s my article. Faraway, so close – Drawing on our virtual community  By and large, we translators […]

Bursting out on Girl in Florence

I was delighted to be a guest blogger on one of Florence’s top blogs: Girl in Florence. I wrote about my experience in Florence, especially with meeting new people, and about Speakeasy Multilingual Happy Hours, language exchange events I organize in Florence. Read my post here: Bursting out of our social bubbles Speakeasy Multilingual Firenze […]

How would you say that? Frankly, we wouldn’t.

Language and culture are ingredients baked into the bread of communication — an inconvenient fact but one that sure keeps translation ever-challenging. A few examples from totally disparate worlds: Food Though the old saw about Eskimos having 500 words for snow is actually just a myth, I can assure you that Italians do have many […]

Happy International Translation Day

September 30th is International Translation Day, celebrated since 1953 on the Feast of St. Jerome, the Bible-translating saint and, hence, the patron saint of translation. Last year the UN even officially declared it such, recognizing “the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development.” Recognition is nice but I think […]

Seek and Ye Might Find—Research tips for translators

Information abounds. In translation, as in lay life, the immense volume of it means that the trick is to find accurate information quickly without sinking into the morass of its excess. Back in the day, dictionaries and libraries were a translator’s best friends. Now our best (though often treacherous) friend is Google. To put it […]