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“Antinori Winery designed my client Archea Associati”

Antinori Winery designed by my client Archea Associati

Quality English translation takes you to the next level

In an English study, 82% of those surveyed would not use a company that hadn’t correctly translated its online and marketing material into English.

Professional native translation from Italian to English makes you look good and reach new heights.

Finding flow

Non-professionals can’t do it. Non-native speakers can’t do it.  Machine translation definitely can’t do it. The flow of natural, mother-tongue English bridges the gap between your message and a worldwide audience.

Alex Bellini in a boat

Alex Bellini, one of my clients, rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean

Find out where the flow of my eloquent English can take you

I am:


With two decades as a full-time, professional translator from Italian to English, I have translated around 7 million words!

Certified by the American Translators Association

I earned certification by passing a proctored exam passed by less than 20% of those who try. As a senior translator, I am now on the grading committee for Italian to English certification exams. Verify my certification with my certification number #453768. About ATA certification.


Translation takes superior writing skills in our mother tongue, the ability to grasp the feeling and intent behind words, and great research chops, vital in our excessive-information age. All skills I can call mine!


I am straight-forward, no nonsense, respond quickly to requests, and come through for my clients time and time again, even in a crunch. My terms and conditions are clear and simple.

Selected projects

  • Cultural anthropology
    Example: Articles for academic journals about reterritorialization and mapping in post-apartheid Africa
  • Sociology
    Example: Journal article about the sociology of sports
  • Psychology:
    Conference presentation about the role of intuition in the therapist-patient relationship
  • History
    Example: Journal article about the history of the relationship between the military and civil society throughout Italian history