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Certified by the American Translators Association

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Get the client, get the job, get published, get funded, get accepted…

“Thanks a million, Miriam. Your work helped me impress them.”

“All four universities that you helped me apply to offered me places, for which I’ll be eternally grateful to you.”

“Thanks to you, we made a good impression on our potential client, and they got in touch with us to continue the project.”

When you have a lot to gain, you have a lot to lose with a sub-par translation.

Quality translation speaks volumes about you as a professional, scholar, or business. According to an English study, 82% of those surveyed would not use a company that hadn’t correctly translated its online and marketing material into English.

My experience and professionalism will help make you look good, get hired, get published, or sell your products or services.

Save hassle, money, and embarrassment

Finding a good freelance translator can be a challenge (follow my advice here). Many of my new clients come to me after having first gone elsewhere and gotten substandard work. It is often a client or a partner who tells them the translation is bad. They are embarrassed and have to pay again to have it done properly (bad translations are better scrapped than revised). In our globalized age, shoddy translation gets found out sooner or later.

Come to me and get it done right the first time. 
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Since 2000, when I began my full-time career as a professional translator from Italian to English, I have translated dozens of books, hundreds of magazine articles, and virtual mounds of websites, brochures, catalogues, letters, academic proposals, blogs, and official documents.

Certified by the American Translators Association

I am certified to translate Italian to English by the American Translators Association. Certification is earned by passing a difficult proctored exam that is peer-graded and passed by less than 20% of those who try. I passed it the first time I took it in 2001. Continuing education is required to maintain ATA’s prestigious certification. You can verify my certification with my certification number #453768. More about ATA certification.


Translation is a highly specialized skill. Like all skills, it is honed over time but needs raw talent at its foundations. This means, before all else, superior writing skills in one’s native language. It means being able to glean the feeling and intent behind words beyond just their “meaning.” A third important skill is research, knowing how to find the right answer in our excessive-information age. Happily, these skills and talents are mine.


My clients enjoy working with me because I am straight-forward, respond quickly to requests, and come through for them time and time again, even in a crunch. My terms and conditions are clear. I often hear from my clients, “For quality, I always trust you first!”

10 Comments on “Italian-to-English translator”

  1. You come to mind when I see poorly translated museum descriptions in Italy. I think to myself “I wish that Miriam had done this translation. Then it’d be good!”

  2. Professionale, precisa, veloce. Disponibilissima al dialogo e al confronto per la migliore riuscita del lavoro, la Dott.ssa Hurley ci ha piacevolmente colpiti per la capacità di cogliere ed interpretare le sfumature meno banali della lingua italiana, nonché per il rispetto dei toni e dei ritmi del racconto. Lo Stile del testo é elemento sfuggevole che Miriam, forte di un vocabolario ricchissimo e di una conoscenza delle grammatiche semplicemente rara, ha il dono di saper ricreare in inglese.

  3. Are you able to translate from English to Italian? I need a verified translation of my marriage certificate to complete my application for residency. If you can help please call me at: 333-693-3551

    • Hello Faisal, I do not (professional translators always translate into their native language). I would contact an agency or court where you live. Each country has specific requirements for what is a “verified translation.”

  4. hello I need a document of about 25,000 words translating from English to Italian, would this be possible. thanks

  5. i have a book about the history and growth of a small town in Italy, it is about 400 pages ,i would like a price please.

  6. Hello Miriam, I apologise upfront for the long-winded message, but what you wrote here resonated with me and I was hoping you may be able to help us. We are looking for a professional translator to come and work for us in Milan (our firm is a Communications Consulting Agency). As you so aptly put, translating is an art and there are very few people around who meet the basic requirements (writing skills and the language fluency in both languages) to do it well. I assume from your clients’ comments that you live in Rome and would thus have no interest in our offer, but maybe you have come across young talents who would. If that’s the case, we’d be very grateful if you’d be so kind to refer them to us. The ideal candidates would be so well-versed in writing that they would eventually, once they acquire more experience, also be able to handle copywriting in English (bodycopy for campaigns, scripts for videos, articles for newsletters, etc.). I stopped looking for copywriters, because we need someone with a strong knowledge of Italian as well. Hence the decision to veer towards professional translators who seek to expand their horizons, so to speak. In the meantime, I’ll go look at your terms and conditions so we may contact you should we need translations at a short notice. Thanks for your help! All the best, Federica

    • Hi Federica, Thanks for your message! I am in Florence and not likely to move to Milan any time soon, but I could certainly send you the names of excellent colleagues who live there already. Write me at, and I’ll pass on their info. Thanks, Miriam

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